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575 Sizing Chart

GIVENCHY Total Controle 575 Pantyhose. Sheer to Waist Firm Support Body Smoothers Hosiery.

Total Controle 575 pantyhose is a sheer to waist style of hosiery. It has almost the same features as GIVENCHY style Total Controle 574. The only difference between the two styles is that for style 575, it is sheer from your toes to your waist.

Like style Totale Controle 574, this hosiery offers control and support throughout your legs. This style massages and tones your legs letting you feel energized and revitalized all day long.

Notice too that this style of hosiery contains more Spandex. This extra use of Spandex is to strengthen the nylon. The use of this amount of Spandex makes this hosiery more tough and thereby more run-resistant even after several washes. In addition, the use of Spandex will enable you to feel your legs being softly massaged as long as you wear them.

30 Denier Sheerness Appearance.

Firm Support Leg.

Sandaltoe. Flat Seams.

Fiber Content: 75% Nylon; 24% Spandex; and 1% Cotton.
PRODUCT CODE:   givenchy575
Regular Price:   $9.50
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